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              About Maiman
              Maiman based in China, takes the lead in introduction of international advanced product design...
              Company Profile

              Values represent the Maiman people working attitude. In rugged development road, Maiman people are down to earth, continue to innovate, and persistence. These characters brought one after another victory for Maiman Laser. Maiman Laser has become a domestic advanced all solid-state laser manufacturing enterprise.

              Tianjin Maiman Laser Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2010. In terms of products, covering the air cooling 1064nm end-pumped laser, air cooling 532nm green laser and 355nm ultraviolet laser. On  the  technical  side,   Maiman  has  10 invention patents, 4 utility model patents, make our products constantly updated, maintaining enterprise vitality.

              Maiman based in China, takes the lead in introduction of international advanced product design, manufacturing processes and quality control processes to ensure the reliability of the quality and leading technology of products. We will provide customers with advanced and reliable laser products and “professional, timely, efficient, high quality” considerate service. That allows you to stay ahead in the rapidly changing market.

              Strategic Target

              The world famous enterprises to create laser

              Core Values

              Profession, faith, faith

              Enterprise Idea

              For this, the staff and the rapid reaction

              Contact Us
              Add: 201,D3-B,East Huigu industrial park, Xiqing District, Tianjin
              Phone:+86-18702203916(Alex Bi)
              Tel:86-22-87894207   Fax:86-22-87894217
              India Office
              India Office
              Add:D7~21, 2nd floor, DLF exclusive floor, DLF phase V, 122002, Gurgaon, India
              Phone:+91-8527637069(Juliana Zhu)
              India Distributor
              India Distributor
              Aimex-dom International
              Address: UG-8&9, Pragati Tower Rajendra Place, New Delhi-08 India
              Tel: +91-9958428666 (Amarjit Singh Jassal)
              E-mail: info@domimex.net
              Israel Distributor
              Israel Distributor
              Militram Industries 93 LTD
              Address: 87 Harav Kook St., Herzlia, Israel
              Post code: 46503 
              Tel: +972-9-9581860 (Dana Lavi)
              E-mail: danal@militram.com
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