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              中文 | English
              U-H Series High Peak Power Ultraviolet Laser


              Technical parameter

              Model MMEPU-H-355-3
              Wavelength 355nm±1nm
              Average output power ≥3W±0.1W@10kHz
              Peak power ≥15kW@10kHz(Equivalent to ordinary 15W UV laser peak power)
              Degree of power instability <3% (6 hours)
              Pulse width ≤20ns@10kHz
              Repetition frequency 5-500kHz
              Beam mode TEM00
              Beam quality M2<1.3
              Spot diameter ~0.8mm(Before expansion),~4mm(5X espansion)
              Cooling mode Water cooling
              Operating temperature 10-35℃
              Power supply mode AC220V/50Hz




              Applied to:High-speed glass surface marking,Brittle materials processing,Laser drilling,which can achieve the same processing efficiency as ordinary 10W UV lasers.

              More application

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